Dr. Peter Pi, PhD, L.Ac.
Dr. Peter Pi has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States for a decade. His practice includes Chinese Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology.
Dr. Pi, as he is fondly called by his patients, has a long and distinguished medical career. Prior to coming to San Jose in 1994, he was the Director and Chief Attending Physician of the Department of Internal Medicine at Sichuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, one of China's most distinguished medical facilities.
Acupuncture is one of the keystones of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a 5,000 year old approach to medicine which is as valid today as it was five millennium ago. The oldest medical text book in the world, 4,700 years old, describes acupuncture and the theory behind it.
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been developing over 5,000 years. The underlying principles of TCM relate to balancing any disturbances in the individual's flow of energy throughout the body. This energy flow, or Qi (pronounced "chee"), as it is called in Chinese, controls the mental and physical health of the individual.
Why Choose Dr. Pi?
When you phone Dr. Pi for an appointment, you won't get an answering service or a nurse - you get Dr. Pi, himself. He can generally see you within the same day. As you enter his Salinas clinic on a quiet street on the first floor of a comfortable building you immediately sense the clean and comfortable setting. Dr. Pi warmly welcomes each and every patient personally. He regards his patients as his friends and treats them with care and respect.